Practice makes progress 

Don Miguel Ruiz, Mexican author wrote about the 4 agreements in 1997, and the book became an international best seller for over 7 years.

Each of the Agreements are so simple, and yet can be a daily challenge – what appears to be logical basic principles can take work. This we know from most things in life, to be good at something it takes practice, conscious practice, until it becomes second nature… even then we have to go back, remind ourselves and put the work in, progressing each time we practice.

If you look at an ice skater for example, how they move on the ice so gracefully, confidently and with ease. They start off with basic moves the “toe loop”, then with practice they move onto the “triple loop” and with time and conscious daily practice they build up to combination jumps like the “triple lutz” and the “triple axel”. This does however take conscious daily practise, just learning the jumps once doesn’t mean they will be able to perform them perfectly each time they need to – of course not! They practice for hours daily, falling, getting back up, perfecting and getting better and better. Every time they practice they make progress.

But this article isn’t about Ice skating ⛸, this is just an example that proves you need to keep doing and practising what you want to get right. If you consciously commit to doing something well, be it an activity or a behaviour you will do! The 4 Agreements themselves even cover this principle – always do your best (agreement 4) recognises that your best will differ from day to day, but as long as you give your best – keep practicing for example – you are doing your best and every small improvement you make consciously is progress. 

We hope you enjoy the 4 Agreements if you haven’t experienced them before, and if you have here they are again as a reminder. 

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