If you don’t care – then who will?

We read more and more about the importance of Self-care in well-being articles, but what is Self-Care and why should we do it?

Self-Care is the actions that individuals take for themselves, in order to develop, protect, maintain and improve their health, wellbeing or wellness.

So we have a view of what it is, but why is it important? Some people who do not invest in their own personal Self-care may feel that this is “indulgent”, “selfish” even, however if you truly ask yourself “if I don’t care for me, who will?” Think about it, how can you care for others if you can’t care for yourself?

On the flip side, those who do invest in their own Self-care, really understand the value of it and see how it benefits them deeply – giving greater feelings of calm, fulfilment, well-being, they sleep better, connect better with others.

Self-care actions can be large or small, they can be meditation, exercise, reading enriching literature, listening to music, being mindful and in the moment, having a massage, journaling, goal planning, having a soak in the bath, time alone, time with people who feed your soul, etc…


Ok, so you ask how do I fit Self-care into my day? Research tells us that each day should be balanced so we can maintain a rounded self being. Each day you should be fitting in each of the following:

Work – physical and mental
Rest – physical and mental
Personal care – meals, hygiene etc
Time for others
Time alone

Looks like a lot to fit into your day and sleep? Well, you see you can fit times of Self-care into your day in many areas, be it during rest time, time alone, time with others, leisure, personal care…

Take a time out and review your day – does your day include all of the above? Are you welcoming balance and Self-care into your life? If you are not able to say “yes, I have each of the above in my day” it is time to make a change.

To help you do this you may need to print an hourly schedule of your 24hours, start to chunk out your time during the day where you achieve the above and then review your balance. This will prove a really eye opening exercise to do, you will see how much time you invest into your work, family, friend, watching TV and yourself! Is your day really balanced so you put time in for yourself? If not where do you over invest and how can you make the change? That is a question only you can answer…

Once you have made this change here are some other tips to help you with your personal Self-care


Enjoy the benefits it will bring to your life.



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