Spring Clean your life… Free your mind!

As we trundle closer to the Spring Equinox which is just a few days away, Mother Nature is taking care of what needs to be done for our gardens – a few hard frosts to kill off any disease in the land, hard rains to thoroughly soak it through, followed by some warmer sunnier days to encourage regrowth.

But what are we doing personally to Spring Clean our lives?

We talked a few weeks ago about the power of social media and the positive/negative impact this can have on our minds and well-being. Have you read The Power of Social Media…G.I.G.O yet and worked on your own personal G.I.G.O.? If not now may be a perfect time to try it! A Saturday or a Sunday morning, get up early and sit with your pieces of technology and do a purge before the rest of the house wakes up, this may prove to not only be instantly satisfying but will also have long term gains as you drown out all the negative white noise coming from all the “feeds of doom” as we call them at @timetoresetyourlife


Ok tech done ✅

Now let’s turn to the house, panic not… we are not suggesting that is is something you do before the rest of the house wakes up, it takes some time to achieve and you may very well have just found today’s activity for the rest of the family, who you know would rather sit on their computer games, in front of the TV or be online all day as it’s raining outside….

We accept that the words Spring Clean can fill some people with dread, however after a good sort out the mental benefits are huge!

Ok… so pick a room – “kitchen?” You say..why not! Now, pick a cupboard (we are not suggesting you tackle the whole room that could be quite daunting! Let’s start small and work from there). All you need is a bin liner, a bowl of warm soapy water, cloth, notepad, pen and you favourite music playing to inspire you as you go.

Start by working through the ingredients in that cupboard, check the best before dates… yes if it is a few years out of date – put it in the bin liner! Now ask yourself, “if it’s that out of date do I need to replace it?” If you haven’t used it in years, the answer is probably not – don’t write it on your list to replace, save the money. Work through the cupboard, clear out, clean it, make a list of things to replace or get into stock for the new seasons cooking and put the items you keep back in. If this isn’t a task you do on a regular basis, you may find you clear out about a third of the cupboard! Now time to put the kettle on to boil and feel good about what you have just achieved… ok, go on pick the next cupboard while you’re on a roll!


The feeling of satisfaction and relief when de-cluttering will pay dividends. Work cupboard by cupboard, drawer by drawer and feel the satisfaction as you go along. You will be amazed how much you clear out and how much freer you feel!

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