Small pleasures – being grateful

There are days that maybe we feel the world or the universe even, is conspiring against us.  We may start our day with great plans and feel by lunchtime that due to an unexpected shift in our day that our plans have not only gone out of the window but are well down the road. Why then is this the time to talk about small pleasures and being grateful?

In the Northern Hemisphere currently it is officially the start of Spring, just the very early start of Spring, however March is the first of the Spring months. In our minds eye the very thought of that brings visions of Spring lambs frolicking in the fields, crocuses and daffodils gently blowing in a light breeze in the morning sunshine, lunch with friends or maybe a beautiful walk in the countryside to appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer us.


Bliss?  YES! I hear you call.

Well, the reality of this maybe quite different as you open the curtains ready to fill your senses with Spring glory and….. snow! SNOW?!? Really? “Oh come on” you say to yourself its but a mere light dusting, this is no match for us, let’s get wrapped up, in the car and off we go! In the U.K often even the word snow to many can be a catalyst to shops closing, roads being closed, schools shutting down (children love this as do teachers – parents however sigh and hang their heads) and the general thought of national hunger and fighting in the Supermarkets for the last pint of milk. Yet the adventurous do dig out from the front door, find the car, clear away the snow and set off with great gusto only to make it a few miles down the road for the weather to really set in and the snow come down so heavily that you are forced to turn round and head home again.

This is the time to turn to the “Small pleasures and being in grateful” part of the post. Sometimes we can be so determined to do something that when we are unable to, we are so hard on ourselves we make our day worse by spending the rest of it mentally beating ourselves up about not achieving our goal. A perfect Time to Reset!

Really this is the time to be grateful for being safe in your home, where you have solid walls and windows to protect you from the elements, enjoy a hot drink curled up in your favourite armchair in front of the fireplace or TV to watch, or your favourite movie and appreciate what you have in your life. Enjoy watching the snow fall outside, appreciate how beautiful it looks on the garden, trees, hills and even cars parked up on the road. Snow has a magical quality to make been the most ugly of things look beautiful! Maybe the perfect time to pick up your journal and make a list of everything in your life you feel grateful for right now… safety, a hot drink, an open fire, a central heating system, friends, family, a snow day, a working internet connection, having a job to go to, literature, movies…. whatever it is that we sometimes take for granted but really should recognise we are grateful for.


If you have children or are feeling in the need of laughter, wrap up and get outside to make a ⛄️ or have a snowball fight – it’s a great way to enjoy real belly laughter and have a cardio workout at the same time as you run to dodge the snowballs! However you do spend the rest of the day, let go of what you didn’t manage to do today due to the power of the weather and turn the day into a positive experience for YOU!

Enjoy every moment.. recognise the small pleasures and be grateful!

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