The “Rights” key to Assertiveness

Assertiveness training tells us that we are all equal and all have the same basic rights. Sometimes either we are not aware of them, or maybe we can forget what these are.

According to T. Powell’s (2009) works, there are at least 14.

“I have the right to…”

1. Express my feelings.
2. Express my opinions and beliefs.
3. Say “yes” or “no”.
4. Change my mind.
5. To say “I don’t understand”.
6. Decline responsibility for other people’s problems.

7. Simply to be myself without having to act for other people’s benefit.
8. To make reasonable requests of others.
9. To set my own priorities.
10. To be listened to, and taken seriously.
11. To make mistakes and feel comfortable about admitting to them.
12. To be illogical in making impulse decisions.
13. To say “I don’t care”.
14. To be miserable or cheerful.

Sometimes we need to review and remind ourselves of these. Do you practice these daily in your life? Are there some that could make the difference to how you think and feel? If you are assertive in all areas of you our life that is fantastic, if not refer to these to help you become more so.


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