Journaling – what’s it all about?

There is so much about Journaling on-line currently, whether you read articles from highly successful leaders of business like Richard Branson, world-class life coaches or Mindfulness experts – Journaling often makes the top 5 list of ways to improve your life.

Many may have kept a diary as a child, hidden it under the mattress or at the bottom of the cupboard in the hope that either your parents or siblings didn’t find it and filled it daily with what has happened that day at school, who you have a crush on or who has a crush on you (invariably not the same person)…. so in reality you have already journaled at some point in your past.

How is it different now? Well if you follow the experts advice, to get the best out of journaling just pick up a journal and a pen and start writing. Let your writing flow for 5-10-15 minutes and allow your thoughts just to fill the page.

Sound simple? Great!! Ok, well if we are being open about it the Time to Reset team started doing this in the second week of January and to start with it sounded simple but really wasn’t as simple as we would have liked it to be! The beautiful note books were selected, pens chosen and there we were and still there we were with writer’s block… looking back at our first attempts at journaling the entries were short and stilted.

Have hope! With time however it got easier, as everything does with practise – the more you do it the easier it gets and now two months in be believe that journaling is a very valuable tool. So much so, yesterday we shared an article on how to take Journaling to the next level!

Let’s get started! So, if you want to give it a go and discover the benefits yourself there are lots of journals out there to help you if taking a blank note-book feels too daunting. Many high street retailers have them in stock with lots of different themes – some even designed for parents and children to do together which felt was a great way to share family gratitude….

So whats stopping you?


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